Review Requests

I've been reviewing books for years, before it was "a thing". As of December 12th, all reviews will be placed on Amazon and Goodreads, not my blog unless you want me to put the review here and not the other websites. If I don't hear otherwise, the default is Amazon.

What will I review? Anything that strikes my fancy- so work that description hard! Of course I like romance and women's fiction, but I also like mysteries, thrillers, historical fiction, young adult, children's (yes, really!), and all kinds of non-fiction, with history (especially military), policy, science writing and current events taking priority. I am highly unlikely to take on self-help because...well, the obvious reasons or fitness/health unless it's something very basic that would be good for younger audiences. And while paranormal and speculative aren't generally my jams, there have been a number of YA paranormal works I've really enjoyed.

FYI, like everyone else who's ever expressed an interest in books, I get more requests than I can keep up with, so I might not get to your book.

Things I'd love to see: comprehensive histories of individual African and Asian countries, Mythology and social commentaries that cover more than Western Europe and the United States.

Why are your reviews so positive? Because life is short, I have other things to do (like raise my kids and write my own books), this is unpaid work and if I don't like something I'm not going to finish it. I'm a Vine Reviewer for Amazon, so those are books I do have to finish regardless of how much I like or don't like them. That's about two books per month, and that's enough.

Also, in general I'm open minded; unless your book is riddled with typos, grammatical errors and offensive content, I can almost guarantee you'll get two-stars from me. If you're remotely interesting, probably three. Any more is up to you.